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Alembic Rogue 6

This Alembic Rogue 6 has been my personal bass for many years. I have been using it mainly for my jazz and fusion gigs in the past. Unfortunately, I am doing much less of these gigs and not using the 6 stringer as much. Someone would be more deserving of this incredible instrument.  The Rogue 6 is definitely my favourite model in the entire Alembic range, as I love the design of the body and the long upper horn. 

Tonally, this bass has a very defined midrange from the mahogany body. The wenge top and maple tone plate adds some brightness and attack to the tone, which makes it a perfect combination. It has the famous filter preamp from Alembic, giving you an insane amount of tonal variability. It also comes with a jet black ebony fingerboard, which is very rare these days. The neck joint of this Rogue 6 is extremely detailed and very exquisite.

The bass has been setup with buzz-free low action, and has dual truss rods for extreme stability. String spacing is on the wider end, similar to the Yamaha TRBs.

This bass is listed as US$9,800 on the Alembic website. It is available to you at SG$4,500!



Stunning wenge top with mahogany body

Ebony fingerboard and brass nut


Alembic MXY soapbars and preamp

Preamp controls: Volume, Blend, Tone, Treble and Bass switch (Cut/Flat/Boost), EQ Contour (Bright/Normal)

Ritter gigbag
More info here

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