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Maruszczyk basses are made in Poland, using the best parts from Europe. They offer a high level of customisation at very competitive prices. The quality is extremely good, very good tone and easy to play. My favourite models include the Elwood, Jake and the Frog. They also make one of the most gorgeous bass amplifiers, using fancy woods with different finishes. Very interesting! The founder, Adrian Maruszczyk is an excellent bass player with numerous albums to his credit. He also has a very active youtube channel, with tons of video of Maruszczyk basses. Be sure to check it out!


This bass nails the classic jazz bass tone to a T. If you love the smooth slap tones of Alex Al, this will be the…
This bass is a stunner. Beautiful combination of the matt red ash body, with black enhanced grains, maple fingerboard and black blocks. The tone is…
This bass instantly caught my eye. The blue burst finish on the flame maple top and maple pickguard is rather unusual. Paired with a flame…